Essay Assignment of Writing 2 Course (Odd Semester of 2017/2018)

This post is a space for students who learn Writing 2 (essay writing) at English Education Study Program of STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat


Argumentative Essay and the Example

Argumentative Essay—Focus: Descriptive Arguments The Argumentative Essay   è   The writing strategy classified as argument involves persuading an audience to agree with you on a controversial issue.   Guideliness for writing an argument essay: Choose a controversial subject (Facts, Preferences, Beliefs, Impossibilities, Opinions) Asses your audience Focus subject with a reasonable claim Use a variety … Continue reading Argumentative Essay and the Example

Genre of Essay: Exposition

Genre of Essay: Exposition Introduction   Writing an expository essay needs specific understanding of what an exposition is. This kind of essay is usually written when someone wants to give a specific argument or influence readers to the topic that s/he believed to be right.   The Expository Essay   According to Pardiyono (2007: 215): … Continue reading Genre of Essay: Exposition

Descriptive Essay and the Example

Descriptive Essay According to Anderson (2001: 200):   Description is a writing strategy that depicts an observable subject with vivid sensory details. If you are describing the rose you observed on the walk to your classroom or office, you might convey its smell, texture, exact coloration, and shape, right down to that drop of dew … Continue reading Descriptive Essay and the Example

Comparison – Contrast Essay and the Example

Comparison-Contrast Essay Being able to write a comparison-contrast essay is important because this kind of essay always presents similarities and differences of two things based on a particular item. The Comparison-Contrast Essay Comparing and contrasting are very common in academic writing. The purpose of a comparison is to show how people, places, things, or ideas … Continue reading Comparison – Contrast Essay and the Example