Writing Assignments for Classes of WRITING II, Academic Year 2015-2016

This post is designed for students who are taking Writing II course with me. The topic of this post is designed by following the course syllabus for WRITING II. ===================================== For students, please follow the following instruction in order to complete your assignment. Type your full name and NIM on the comment. Write your essay draft … Continue reading Writing Assignments for Classes of WRITING II, Academic Year 2015-2016


Specific Ways of “Reading” for Specific Cultural Texts

The following writing is shared in this blog for the purpose of sharing and for educational purposes only. Your comments and feedback are highly valued. Thank you. ____________________________________________________________________________ Syayid Sandi Sukandi Dr. Joel Hardman September 13, 2012 – Week 4 ENG 544 – Reading and Writing Pedagogy in TESL Specific Ways of Reading for Specific Cultural Texts … Continue reading Specific Ways of “Reading” for Specific Cultural Texts

“Humanizing” Our Writing

This post has been discussed in one of my classes in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It turns out that I even fall in love with writing. "The more I read, the more easier how to understand my writing is. The more I discuss with open-minded people, the more I can feel what the magnificent use of … Continue reading “Humanizing” Our Writing

Essay Writing: An Introductory Essay

This writing is intended for all students and learners wherever you are Introduction Attending a university degree, either in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree needs the ability of writing a good essay. This ability is considered as a must. Before you write an essay, of course, you need to understand what the essay actually is. … Continue reading Essay Writing: An Introductory Essay

How to Make a Better Essay

How to Make an Essay Assessment If you want to assess the essay you have written, therefore, you need to do the following checklist: A. Content and Ideas The writer has thought carefully about the topic and has a clear main idea, or thesis The writer gives adequate support for the thesis, or main idea … Continue reading How to Make a Better Essay