The Flowers on A Park

The Flowers on A Park

Walking in the park
an ipod on my ear
A Nasturtium attracks me
I touch and smell its’ fragrance
What a beautiful flower I feel
Then, I walk
Many flowers in the park
They are invulnerable
although many trees droop their leaves
will I make a bouquet from this park?
Though this earth is spacious
my eye catch a beautiful cygnet
in its’ family, it is so beautiful to see
this scenery kills my strong vehement
although it is a hindsight action
Oh, God!
or, it is a delusion flower?
but the daisy attracts me, too
What a conundrum
although nasturtium is no yet a park
but a paradise of illusive flowers…
(My Home Garden, a favorite spot when I am sad) – Syayid 2007

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